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  • Mudbooks 2019

    For the second year in a row I am participating in a collaborative project called Mudbooks through Flower City Arts Center. Ceramic artists partner with book artists to create a unique book form and tonight is the culminating exhibition opening. This year I worked with the talented Stephanie Krist of Fired Figments

    During the initial meet-and-greet between ceramic and book artists, Stephanie mentioned her interest in non-traditional book structures and I immediately wanted us to work together! Through a series of e-mail communications we decided on a ceramic dome shape that would house a paper scroll with letterpress printed text.

    Over the previous year I had been working on an erasure poem of the children's novel The Secret Garden and concluded that this project would be the best container for the text. When describing this form of redacted poetry to Stephanie, she made the connection to a ceramic process called sgraffito, which is a scratching away or redaction of the clay surface. She had previously created a series of mugs with floral patterning using this technique and a similar design was used for our scroll book.  

    The final piece is titled Nest and will be on view at FCAC in the Printmaking Studio until December 20th.